Choosing a device

Due to a very stupid accident I just destroyed my beloved Keyone, and I just realised that the nano simcard is too small for my note 3 running /e/os. Now I’m looking for a replacement, I don’t care much about gaming, I rather need a workhorse with a relatively good camera.
I’ll really appreciate it if you suggest a couple of mid-range devices and if possible your experience with it or why would you recommend it, thanks in advance.

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If that’s the only problem, then you should be able to find a cheap SIM card adapter which will ‘grow’ your nano SIM into a Micro or Standard SIM See here for UK examples

In the UK, most SIMs are sold (or given away for free) as multi SIMs, combi SIMs or trio SIMs. You can use these as an adapter, by pushing the Nano sim out and fitting you existing Nano SIM in the hole.

Of course if you just want an excuse to buy a new phone, then ignore all of the above :wink:

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Most mobile phone providers will send you a new SIM card in another size for a small fee

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That’s indeed a common way to tackle the size problem, but it’s worth to note that in any case of technical trouble neither the phone vendor nor the mobile network provider will support this setup.

Oh yeah, on the subject of a new device… I personally really like the Fairphone 3. While it is pricey compared to other phones with similar specs (because well, paying people a fair living wage instead of hanging up suicide nets just costs more money) it does have as a benefit being the only /e/OS device supporting a relockable bootloader, which increases app compatibility and decreases the chance of apps incorrectly thinking you’re rooted when you’re not. It doesn’t prevent the problem completely, but it has the best compatibility of all the devices. Also, the official Android for the Fairphone 3 is relatively free of bloatware compared to that of most other companies, if you ever want to get away from /e/ again for any reason.

Thanks for all your answers, I managed to find an adaptor and ‘grew’ my nano sim and fitted it on my note 3… I have to get used to type on glass again : ( so far I imported my contacts and calendar from Google, next step will be migrating my passwords (any good and reliable password keeper by the way?)
The Fairphone sounds interesting but it’s too pricey for my budget, I’m hopefully getting a S9 soon so I can flash /e/ on it.

I recommend bitwarden. It’s Open Source (you can even self host, if you really want) has all necessary features and everything basic (a lot) is free. If you need more advanced stuff like FIDO2 or want to support them, the first paid membership tier is still very affordable.