Choosing a US Phone for /e/OS

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure where to post this. Please, let me know if there’s a better place. I need a new phone.

I live in the US and use Ting, a service that piggybacks on Verizon. I believe they now hop on all three monopolies, erh, I mean cellphone carriers, Verizon, ATT, and Sprint.

I have a locked Samsung S7 that can’t be flashed. Never do that ever again. I don’t care about the brand. I am a journalist and need fairly good video and audio hardware.

Does anyone in the US on Verizon have recommendations as to which smartphone they like best, considering my priorities are audio/video?

Thank you so very much. For some reason, choosing a new phone makes me feel the same about a root canal!

Thank you for your experience and support.

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I’d love to find a phone that will work with Verizon.

I cant be sure of Verizon compatiblity, but in terms of hardware capabilty and /e/ compatibility i think OnePlus is your best bet. Ive flashed the 6T, 8T, and 9 Pro, with no complaints.

I know the Pixel line works on Verizon, I’m just not sure if it works on Verizon on /e/. I saw someone said the Xperia XZ1 works on Ting via T-Mobile, but I know nothing about that device. (Edit: My eyes suck and I thought I read Ting Verizon)

I believe Ting uses both Verizon and T-Mobile, so if you can use the T-Mobile half then like @HellsBells said, a OnePlus is probably your best option. I use an 8T myself (I use Mint Mobile) and it’s great.

^what this guy said. Mint Mobile + OnePlus is the ultimate 1-2 punch. I use the 9 Pro as my daily driver and have my 8T as backup.

I think you mean XZ1 Compact. The XZ1 is not certified for VoLTE with T-mobile or MVNOs on T-mobile’s network.

I’m a long time Ting user and have had luck with a Samsung S9 and currently a Moto G7 Plus.

The only issue I had was that the S9 wasn’t Verizon friendly, so Ting sent me a T-Mobile SIM for free and I had no problems after that.

I’ve been using the Moto for a while now (on the same T-Mobile SIM) and while it was a slight chipset downgrade, it’s been running fine as well, plus it can do VoLTE + WIFI calling which the Samsung couldn’t. It’s the Revvlry+ model unfortunately w/ the oval camera, which the cases are rare for some reason and almost impossible to find.

I’ve got the itch again and I’m trying to find out if the Moto One Action (or Vision) will work with /e/ but I’m waiting for the guy who made an unofficial build to respond to the thread.