Choosing audio source in the settings

I’m trying to set my bluetooth headset microphone as the default microphone in Android. I know it works, because in Telegram I can go to the settings and choose “Headset” as audio input source. If I do that, the microphone turns on and I can talk with my headset.

The problem is, Telegram is the only app I’ve seen with this option. All other apps just use the default microphone set in Android settings, they don’t let you pick it and tell you to just set it globally instead. So I looked up how to set which microphone you want to use in Android, and I get a few different instructions for where to set it. And all of them are missing on my Fairphone 5 with /e/OS.

So I’m wondering now, since so many phones can’t seem to agree on where to put this option, does it exist in /e/OS? I’m not sure if I’m just not finding it, or if it’s not anywhere.