CJK Input (Japanese, Chinese, Korean)

I’m looking for a good way to enter CJK text on /e/.

For Japanese, after some research and tips from the community, I was able to install Mozc via App Lounge/F-Droid. Though I think the user experience for figuring out what’s needed leaves a lot of room for improvement compared to something like iOS where you basically just click “Add keyboard language” and that’s it. However, once it’s installed, it works quite well.

The trouble is, for both Korean and Chinese, I have not been able to find any real options outside of installing GBoard, which would of course undermine the privacy benefit of running /e/ in the first place.

Does anybody here know of any good and privacy friendly solutions, preferrably open source?

You can try the fcitx5 keyboard on f-droid, it looks very promising for Chinese and pinyin

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Thank you very much for that tip, that’s really helpful!

The title and description in F-Droid contain none of the relevant keywords, so I would have never found that on my own with just the search funtion.

I have tried the Pinyin keyboard and it seems to work very well for simplified Chinese. I couldn’t find any option for traditional characters yet, but otherwise it seems like a great solution.

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Just for reference in case anybody else faces the same issue: I found a solution for Korean too, called FlorisBoard.

Setting up Hangeul input is slightly convoluted and support for auto complete and spell check is currently broken, but it works. It also has support for Japanese and Chinese, which I haven’t tried yet.

So to sum up, we have:

Japanese: Mozc
Chinese (simplified): Fcitx5
Korean (and more): FlorisBoard

All open source and available from F-Droid or via App Lounge.

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