Clarifications to Instructions for Installing /e/ on Samsung Galaxy S7

I’ve just finished installing /e/ on a family member’s Samsung Galaxy S7. I think the official instructions could do with a little clarification. Namely,

  • It’s not obvious how to exit Download mode after you’ve finished flashing TWRP. I had to follow the instructions on this page, which is linked in this forum post:

I unplug the USB cable, I hold Volume Down and Power , then at the exact moment when the screen turns black, I boot in Recovery Mode (same way as for Download but with Volume UP instead of Volume Down ).

  • To get things to work, I needed to reboot into TWRP both after Format Data and after Advanced Wipe.

I’m happy to make a draft revision of the instructions for review by someone else.

To turn off a Samsung device when you are in download mode, you can extract the battery or unplug the cable and press the « volume down » and « power » boutons.

To Boot into Recovery, you need the « home » and « volume up » and « power » boutons.

Thanks @piero. I know how to do this. I was proposing some clarifications for the instructions on the website.

Specifically, I don’t think it says anywhere on the herolte instructions how to get out of Download mode (holding down Volume Down and Power). Also in my case I had to reboot a couple of times during the wiping process in TWRP.

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Another user benefited from your observation (which may apply to all Samsung devices) and he made this video

Thanks, that helped.
I also had trouble exiting download-mode on galax s7 herolte.

I think it is a good idea to add this to installation-instructions.