Clearing the Activities log in Murena Cloud

Is there any way for me to clear the Activies app logs on (A “Clear Log” link within the app, or a “Pause Logging” switch, would be a great addition!)

The log entries have limited utility for me personally, and would seem to be a potential privacy and/or security issue. Admittedly, something like “You deleted [untitled (4).docx]” isn’t earthshaking. But one could imagine log entries – which could include names of specific files or images – that would compromise privacy greatly.

Note: Fairphone 4 with /e/OS 1.21 (latest).

There seems to be no way to do so at this time.

Hundreds – maybe thousands – of calendar items, to-dos, file uploads, and much more are being logged. This really seems like a huge privacy violation, even if it were e2e encrypted and encrypted at rest (and I have no idea whether it is). Is there really no way to clean out this list, or keep it from being created in the first place? Is there no “no logging” setting?

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