Clock App: Alarm Labels Improvements - long labels, URLs and text scrolling

Labels for alarms, set in the Clock app could do with some improvements; here are my suggestions.

  • Long Labels - display
    • if a long text string is used, then come the alarm’s activation, the whole string is not displayed; only the first section that fits on the screen’s width.
    • I suggest that the alarm screen wraps the alarm text to display it all.
  • Long Labels - editing
    • currently, using your finger to scroll long text left and right does not work; it merely moves the cursor position.
    • in line with my previous suggestion, a multi line text box, with standard text editing behaviour, might be better to allow insertion and editing of long labels
  • URLs as labels
    • I like to set alarms that link to URLs. I would like to insert a URL within the longer label text and have this clickable when the alarm goes off
    • clicking the link should dismiss the alarm

Thanks for considering these proposals.

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