Clock Hourly Remider Chimes

Can anyone recommend an app that provides hourly clock chimes, something with this level of functionality would be good:


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone perhaps?

Blip Blip from App Lounge works pretty well.

Thanks, the Android-Hourly-Reminder looks good, you can set a range of hours the reminders occur within, which Blip Blip I think cannot.

But can I trust the Android-Hourly-Reminder from a malware point of view, how do I know it has nothing malicious contained in the code, presume anyone can upload anything to Gitlab ?

You can get it from F-Droid (see link on the GitLab page), an Open Source only App Store which builds all Apps from their source codes after people checked for so-called Anti-Features users might not want and listing them on the App’s page (there are none listed for Hourly Reminder).

Actually … have just installed Blip Blip (Hourly Chime) - which has lots of features, including what I need a ‘silent time’.

I presume the ‘Advanced Privacy’ feature of my /e/OS phone will block any trackers in the Blip Blip app, which looking in there, I cannot see that Blip Blip has appeared as blocked.

I am aware of something called ‘Exodus’, does that give you some idea if what trackers are in an app. And is Exodus an App or a webpage, and if so is there a way to point the phone towards the app to read it, and Exodus report back ?


Thanks, didn’t realise it was on F-Droid.

I cannot see Blip Blip on F-Droid, although it was in the App Lounge, I assume that has similar standards to F’Droid in what it allows in its library. I am right to think that the App Lounge is a App.

Just used Exodus via the web:

Which reports no trackers ! :slight_smile: