cLock widget not displaying calender events

Hi everyone,

I really like the build-in cLock widget and it’s capability of nicely showing the weather and, supposedly, calender events. The latter sadly does not work on my /e/ FP3. Editing the widget options of cLock has no result, it recognizes my calender profile but does not display any calender events (or anything else calender related). Calender events are shown in the widget preview, though, in the menue from which you drag the widget to drop it on your screen. Am I missing something? Anybody else with the same problem?

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Have you resized the widget? It needs more space for appointments… … but I don’t know if that will work on bliss launcher

I’m really sorry for the waste of your time: You were right, that was the problem. Life can be easier if you’re not stupid…

Anyway, what I’ve learned now will lead to a feature request or the like. I already blew up the cLock widget considerably and there obviously still was not enough space to display the calender events. Also the widget preview does not match the real appearance, another reason why I thought I was missing something. To display calender events I have to enlarge the widget until it fills half the screen which seems unnecessary, even more so as calender events are then shown over two rows of the screen, but disappear if I make the widget one row smaller…

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