Since a couple of days, I’ve been notified by Cloudmark CSI that some emails sent to my usual Orange correspondants in France have not been delivered.

[delivery temporarily suspended: host
**[] refused to talk to me: 550 mwinf5c84 ME**
** Adresse IP source bloquee pour incident de spam. Client host blocked for**
** spamming issues. OFR006_102 Ref**
** [102]**

I applied for the reset-request and received a positive answer.
However I fear that this “reputation” will reappear.

It seems that the /e/ domain (IP [] / DNS [] ) is under scrutiny and not only my activity.
Maybe /e/ staff should take some action with Cloudmark and/or Orange.
I suspect also Icloud using the same (or equivalent) spam blocker.

For your consideration
Best Regards
Yvon Fichen

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It happened to me, too (self-hosted).
Asking Orange is useless, they’ll forward to CloudMark.
At second time I wrote a clear explanation for my request, and I got an answer (I think it’s from a human, but not 100% sure …) :

Thank you for contacting Cloudmark.

I have reset the reputation of your IP, so you should see delivery improve shortly. Please note that updates do not occur instantly but should generally happen within an hour of receiving this response.

Since then, everything’s fine :slight_smile:

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