Colour Correction. Allow Automatically reset to a default

I needwant monochrome colour correction on as a default. I use it to make my phone boring and try to avoid distraction. I sometimes forget to switch it back on after changing to colour which I don’t notice because I get distracted!

My request is an optional default state for CC that automatically resets after a selectable period of inactivity/locked.

The Settings envisaged:

Default CC State Off (__O) On
| Revert after… [ Locked for 15 mins :small_red_triangle_down:]

I envisage the default revert setting to be ‘Never’
Options for dropdown:

  • Never
  • Screenlock
  • Locked for 5mins
  • Locked for 15mins
  • Locked for 30mins
  • 3hours
  • 8hours
  • 04:00

These should allow for avoiding nuissance toggling, watching films without switching part way through and for starting the day in ‘boring mode’.

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