Commonly used apps available?



For Twitter I just use their mobile website in Firefox/Fennec, no need to install a separate app.

Twitter is also available as a PWA, but I’ve not tried any PWAs in /e/ yet.


Exactly! their mobile website is fine. This is what works best for me at the end.


The twitter apk downloaded from apkpure… (or which ever is the latest version) works fine on my /e/ ROM. Have been testing it for a couple of weeks without any issue. If a person is not really interested in being up to date on the latest tweets then as you mention the twitter website is the best option.


If the browser supports notifications (which Fennec does) then the website can keep you up to date as well as the app can, I think. Certainly the PWA version can.


I have brief question related to this. I really love Telegram, but still I have some friends/family members that I am in touch only with messenger (fb). I am new to android (/e/ is my first android based experience) and I do not know if there is some alternative I can use to get in touch with fb contacts? I have installed Messenger for now, but I do not like it and do not want it. Do you know anything, that can help me?


Messenger Lite is perfect