Commonly used apps available?

Hello, among the apps I use the most on Android there is Whatsapp. Because my friends and family use it. Will /e/ allow me to install it, or will I have to convince all my contacts to use /e/ ?

I don’t use it, but I don’t see any reason why whatsapp wouldn’t work on /e/.

Generally you should be able to install all apks as long as they are supported for Android Nougat/Oreo (currently depends on your device).
Apps that usually complain if you don’t have G%§$e services installed should work without a problem as microG tricks those apps into believing that G%§$e services are installed.
Apps that actually need some G%§$e services will work as long as those services are location, cloud messaging, device registration, safety net, … any of those services microG provides.
If an app needs G%§$e Maps or something like that it won’t work properly, unless you install G%§$e Maps.


In the Telegram channel it was mentioned, that WhatsApp works well with MicroG, when battery optimization is disabled for it.

If you want to get rid of WhatsApp, you don’t need to convince your contacts to use /e/, but to use other messengers.
/e/ currently comes with the two messengers Telegram and Signal preinstalled. One of the reasons that /e/ comes with them is:


WhatsApp is noproblem. with microG you will be able to install every app you want, but you should have in mind, that most apps are collecting your data.

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@cedricoola whatapp works vey well with /e/. I have it on my phone and have so far faced no issues. I am using it on v0.2 (oreo)on a tissot device but I think it would work on v0.1 (nougat) devices as well. I have to use it because my friends and family members are whatsapp users and use it to keep in touch :frowning: …working on weaning them off…


I wonder about Sonos controller app that I use on Android to control my Sonos speakers?

You could go ahead and install the app and let us know if it works.

Well I plan to install /e/ this weekend but isn’t there a way to know if Sonos is available on f-droid or microG or whatever open-source app-store that works on /e/ ? I couldn’t find the info.

Is this the app you are checking for? This shows up under Yalp which you can install in FDroid

Interesting. Thanks for the info.
I also see that Sonos is available on Amazon appstore. Don’t know if that’s an option with /e/

The screenshot here are taken on my phone which has an /e/ ROM. Once you have flashed the ROM as you may be aware you can download FDroid apk from their website . In FDroid through Yalp i download the sonos app. I do not have a Sonos system so my setup stops at this stage but you can check on this.


I have found that many apps in the Amazon app store are not kept up to date. Any free app in the Google Play Store can be downloaded with the Yalp store app so I find that to be the better option. You can install Yalp from within FDroid.

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I liked Pocket Casts, a podcast app that can play on Sonos speakers through the Sonos controller app. I find it on Yalp but the download button is absent.
Can anyone recommend an open-source podcast app? if it plays on speakers, even better.

Try AntennaPod in FDroid.

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someone opened this. totally agree.

Anyone knows if any of these Raspberry Pi distributions support Antennapod or any other podcast manager? runeaudio moodeaudio osmc volumio

What is your favorite FOSS app for Twitter? On F-droid I see Slimsocial. Someone mentioned Talon in this forum, available for a small fee, not in F-droid.

AndStatus from F-Droit or Twilatte

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Twitlatte is in F-droid. ‘Twilatte’ (without the letter t between the i and the l) seems to exist on Gitlab but not in the app stores.

Twitlatte is ok but limited in terms of functionality (because it is dependant on Twitter API that gives access to limited functions; for example we can’t bookmark a tweet or follow someone), so I tried to install the official Twitter app but I can’t install it due to “apk is split error”. Can anyone help?