Communication apps for deaf users?


I am deaf, and I’ve never used a smartphone before. I would like a deGoogled one that also has the apps I need, which includes video call, and also a specific app called Relay UK, which is a speech to text service for people like me: deaf people can call hearing people.

I have searched to see if Relay UK app is available with /e/ but it doesn’t come up at all. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to use this app or not?

Thank you!

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Hi @buzzears, welcome.

I was able to find Relay UK as an .apk here

It installed with no problem. I will read the getting started and see if it runs with no issues. Tell me if there is a good way I could test it for you on this /e/ device.

Edit, it ran, making a call, with no issues for me. :smiley:


aibd - thank you so much! That is really kind of you. I look forward to finding a smartphone and using /e/ with it.

Thank you so much again - very much appreciated.

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