Comparing Fairphone 3+ and gigaset GS290?

I’m not sure this is the right place in the forum, but I’m looking for compared experiences between these two phones.

To be more precise : I intend to buy one directly here on /e/, thus with /e/ OS preinstalled. One of my sos own a Fairphone3 and, hands-on, this is clearly sufficient for me too.

Now I see the Gigaset models are impressively lower in cost, and from my meager tech expertise it may seem rather close (processor speed, screen…).
The main difference I can see is, Fairphone parts can be replaced, among them the battery, while this is not possible for Gigaset (I tied to find it on iFixit in vain).
On the other hand, the Gigaset is built in Europe, which to me is a plus too.

So, I’d be extremely interested to hear about your opinion, experience etc.

For instance,

  • am I wrong in the tech comparison, is one clearly superior
  • is /e/OS better suited to one, more incompatibilities here than there, etc.
  • I have seen the Fairphone 3 GPS in action with OSMAnd, running fluently : same experience with the Gigaset?

Any advice welcome, really!

Thank you,

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Because of repairing let’s have a look:

Thank you @kisman172 : from your link I understand at least I could have the battery replaced by sending the phone to Gigaset.
Of course I’d prefer being able to just order a new one and insert it myself, because this doesn’t stop the phone service, but definitely this is good, all the more they say they support even their oldest devices.
Thanks again.
I also found comparison details at but these are complex and a bit difficult to interpret for me…

Whether the comparison still makes sense is questionable.
The FP3+ is currently not available. It is not available anywhere. The FP4 is in the starting blocks. Therefore, it may be that the FP3+ will no longer be officially available for purchase. Especially in relation to the current chip shortage issue.
I am currently waiting for the FP4 and order immediately when available.

The old FP3 has been discontinued and is no longer available.

No offense, but the FP3+ is back in stock, and here in /e/. That’s the reason for my question actually.
And as the FP4 is announced between 600 and 700€, features enormous amounts of RAM and power and a high-capacity band that I all don’t need, and possibly no more audio jack, really it should bring waay better novelties for me to buy. (among other, be available here with /e/ preinstalled)

My main concern at this moment is how to choose between an FP3+ that I know quite well, and a twice cheaper GS290 whose lifetime will be battery-limited (but I may send it back for a battery replacement, loosing my phone for a couple of days).
The GS290 being, instead, European-build and with a far bigger battery than the FP3.

I’m really hesitating, and would terribly welcome any hands-on experience with Gigaset, all the more than I have a mild experience with their landline handsets.


Or maybe it will.


I correct myself (tried to edit my post, but too late apparently) : AnotherElk is right, the FP3+ is not exactly ‘back in stock’, they are still victim of the component shortage.
But visibly they did confirm deliveries to /e/, as not /e/ themselve re-announce availablilty (‘within 4 weeks’, as opposed to ‘immediate’ for other phones)

the big ones always eat first and the small ones are in line behind.
a fairphone can therefore never say when it is their turn.
Metallica has already sung it:
sad but true

My decision has been to try the Gigaset because they produce them (at least 60% from what I understood) in Europe.
And from the reception I added other positive points like the dimensions, build quality, wonderful battery, general experience.

I do not regret at all, moreover, this phone was just supposed to test /e/… Well I now decided that it will be the main one.
For the specs, let be honest, all depends how you will use it… What will be your main use?

On another hand, Faiphone has a great idea, I had some users having previous versions, well… too big for my pockets.
Also, do you will find the spare parts easily? Battery will be easy to find, but what about other parts and for how many years?

Anyway, the best choice, will be your choice !

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Thank you @WilRo , yours is exactly the kind of info I need.

No games, no movies. Music. Firefox with many tabs. RSS agregator, Flym or similar. F-Droid apps, classical in general. OsmAnd with lots of maps, and I want it reactive -that’s maybe the most demanding for me*. A couple of worrying apps (like, banking that does not expect you to be root), but these will behave the same on an /e/ Fairphone anyway…

(*) which means a good GPS receiver, too -how many sats is are tracked simultaneously on the GS290?

Thank you very much, you are precious!

You’re wellcome @Herve5 !
I tested for you the OsmAnd on the last two days compairing with another old flagship phone.
A test on 70km deplacement, and another on around 40km.

On the GS290 with OsmAnd free version
On another phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 OsmAnd+ (paid version)

When the GS290 is already giving vocal indications, it starts on the other one after more or less 1sec…
So quite reactive with offline maps. You cannot notice so big differences but gs290 is always a little bit faster, not bad at all…
But the gigaset is not so hot like the other one, so another good point, and battery difference better too.

No idea where you can see how many sats… and no idea how it reacts on the Fairphone…

I’ll test Firefox now and let you know :wink:

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Thank you very much @WilRo !
Your answer is definitely precious for me.
As concerns the number of GPS sats tracked, It’s one of the (very numerous and complicated) options within OsmAnd (somehow I once managed to have this shown on the map) and it is significant of the GPS module efficiency, but don’t waste too much time on this.
The fact you got a proper driving experience is already very good, because I didn’t find any detail on the GPS module.
Thank you again! I’ll probably go for this phone agains the fairphone3+, which in addition is ‘out of stock’ here at this moment…

Hi, I finally found the option…
So on the GS290 you can have up to 17/21 sat
On the Paid version with my other phone it can go up to max 9/22
But this info changes all time
(Menu - Configure Screen - and select GPS infos)

Strange difference, maybe it helps for the accuracy, but pretty the same on use

Concerning Firefox, 10 tabs open are not giving any particular issues.
It is blocking a bit when you charge the page initially, particularly when you have a lot of pictures or videos on the page, but the wifi is slower (speedtest done) than a GS4 so can be the cause. But once the pages are charged, you can switch between them with a correct response time.

For the price, you cannot go so wrong with the gs290 :wink:
Please update us on your impressions compaired to the Fairphone when you will receive it!

The changing is normal, it’s the number of satellites that are visible (and tracked). It’s the second figure that is important, because it reflects the capacity of the GPS module to track many sats at the same time.
For instance, a recent work phone could track up to 32 sats simultaneously, which allows it to converge faster. But 20~something was the range for my previous phone, that worked reasonably too.
My only grief agains the Gigaset in that area is that it seems to work only with GPS and Glonass, so the US and Russian systems but not the European one :-/
Thank you too for checking Firefox!
I’ll definitely come back here once I get it, including a comparison with my son’s Fairphone!