Comparision between /e/ OS and Sailfish OS

Should we compare /e/ OS with Sailfish OS?
Can that be helpful for the betterment of /e/ OS?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Both are totally different, one is Android w/o Google, the other some kind of Linux. GUI and functionality of the latter is more Blackberry-style.

Yeah, quite different worlds.

I have been SailfishOS user since first Jolla phone. While under the hood there might be bunch of differences, the biggest thing to me is that in Sailfish it’s “swipe everywhere” where as /e/'s (Android) UI feels more “tapping”. It’s matter of taste, of course, which you like more.

With SailfishOS (from Jolla) you can get Android support also, but that bit ruins the whole thing. If you’re using mostly Android apps anyway, why not use Android phone for that.

I myself started my journey with /e/ when I accidentally came across some /e/ news article. I had already got bit frustrated with availability of the apps in SailfishOS, but “googleful” Android was never an option. Many of the apps I need are such that luckily there was a SailfishOS version, but still there were so many missing. And this meant that I already was using some Android alternatives.

I use private servers for storing my personal data, and I was happy to notice that Android has excellent support from open source community (which is obvious if you think the install base of Android vs. SailfishOS).


Only thing to be consider is that Android thing is very old and I has started being written in old days so it is heavier than Sailfish.
It is is very light.
Maybe in next versions they will improve the uses of Android applications.
Is is more private and secure than /e/ OS?

Well that question invited some useful answers!

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Android ( clean ) is so heavily cluttered with xxxxx like Zeev Suraski that its usability is close to 0.
All the deceiving apps… ant scam number one of all times: CRYPTOCURRENCY or, to be more precise, cryptoshit… 9/10 apps (chosen randomly) from PlayStore has some miner hidden… Google does close to nothing to prevent this.

Both SailFish and /e/ is, upto today, free of this.


Sailfish sounds interesting, but id rather keep with /e/ os

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Yes, but still architecture wise Android codes are heavy and selfish is written differently and maybe in an efficient way.
And that is not possible when you take Android as a base.

Can someone explain me why there is a counter saying that the topic will be automatically deleted in 8 days.
Why doesnt it rest here forever?

Because discussions need to have a limit. Cannot have all discussion last for ever. You posted a question and got some good responses. That should be enough to close most discussion. Besides if you like a different OS then you should use it. You have to decide for yourself which OS suits your requirements.

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got it.
I dont have any intention to choose another OS. /e/ is quite enough.
It was just a comparison

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Sadly new versions of Android are usually designed with higher base specs in mind, so over time they’re slightly less optimized.
3rd party and Google apps are the worst offenders with this. My original Moto G came with a 20mb Google app, the google app is now over 300mb!!

Fortunately, we’re moving away from such proprietary apps so it’s not a problem.

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I have come to /e/ from Sailfish OS. It’s a great OS which I have used in my daily driver Xperia XA2 for few years. It SO much potential, however it’s regional restriction and the focus to large screen phones accompanied with unclear vision made me leave. Specifically their ways waiting to patching bugs in OS in next release were super annoying to me. It does have the feel of bunch of geeks sitting in in Finnish garage, having just enough funds to have fun on daily basis. If this project has stronger vision and support it would be great.
In terms of functionality /e/ support many more apps, however the swiping action on Sailfish are addictive.
I would consider go back to Sailfish tomorrow once they actually have vision of making change in world, not just fun for few people and listen to their community better. For now, /e/ it is!


And you forgot a price tag or 50 Euro !

On the contrary! I’m very happy to pay for privacy OS! Unfortunately the quality of Sailfish OS was not reflecting the product support & quality. It’s more like a “compulsory donation” at this stage combined with tricky “lock to the model” license etc.
However, I could imagine paying for privacy linux OS ~25USD/EUR/year with strong support and OS I can rely on :v:

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To be clear, I was late to this discussion, but it was very helpful; locking it, i can understand, but I hope it does not get deleted.
Thanks for everyone’s /e/fforts!

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