Comparison Table of Android ROMs

Here you find a comparison table of different Android ROMs. Well done. It allows to see how /e/OS is positioned in technical terms compared to some main ROMs.

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Hi ralxx

Interesting find.
Still, the table looks like a (in)direct commercial for GrapheneOS.


It does, although it does also point out that GrapheneOS is only available for Google devices

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True. I initially wanted to point out that out, but refrained.
Yet Graphene OS seems to be the most de-googled of all while also “sarcastically” is reserved for devices produced for Google.
Still, it seems to support only very recent devices (Pixel 6 and above) so I’m in no danger to be tempted to try it…


It really looks like I should look into GrapheneOS. However, the fact that it only runs on Google Pixel hardware is holding me back: I’m sure Google is listening in at the hardware level…

No, a Google device is out of the question for me.

I am surprised by this:
DNS connectivity check
is Google

but why, when
DNS server fallback
is Quad9

Connectivity check/captive portal

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and they say that Xiaomi devices are not supported by /e/… whereas i have it installed on a MI8 since 2019 :thinking:

same for Asus, Sony and Motorola that are yet supported.

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they also say “only showing “stable” releases” (maybe a debatable decision - not sure if “dev”-level is not as good as releases of other ROMs which do not seem to have this sort of differenciation…)

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I think it has also to do with how ‘dev’ is marketed, it is described by /e/OS as ‘unstable and untested’.

Edit: This should be the despriction:
Unless marked as stable, many /e/OS builds here are not intended for daily use. All builds labelled as dev have not been fully tested yet and may contain major bugs. All builds are provided as best effort, without any guarantee.


The “supported devices” section in the table has been changed for eOS, it does no longer differentiate “dev” or “stable” …

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