Compatible with Android 12?

Is /e/ OS compatible with Android 12? or will it only work on devices with 11 or lower?

It depends on the device. But generally, if your device can run Android 12 / S / LineageOS 19.1, then the /e/OS build will also be Android 12. The table on the /e/ Devcies page lists the latest Android version that runs on that device


Ignorant question…Is there any reason a Pixel 5 with Android 13 cannot be rooted and installed with e/os, provided it has OEM unlocked?

Yes, actual builds for Pixel 5 are based on Android 12,
builds based on android 13 are announced to be released this week !

Thanks for the response Piero.
So if I root the phone, doesn’t that remove Android 13, and I should be able to install any OS such as e/os, even if it is based on Android 12?

Rooting is not necessary to install or use /e/OS on a device.

But for a device still maintained by the vendor (like the Pixel 5)

  • to install /e/OS “R” build, you need to have android 11 gogol stock firmware installed as a base
  • to install /e/OS “S” build, you need to have android 12 gogol stock firmware installed as a base
  • to install /e/OS “T” build, you need to have android 13 gogol stock firmware installed as a base

For a device dropped by the vendor, you need latest available stock firmware as a base to install /e/ on it.

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“Rooting” ≠ “formatting”. It is a permissions thing. i.e. grants root/ Admin access.
To piggyback on @pieros response, the /e/ os version to be installed, needs to be the sa
me as the android version currently installed, i.e. 10 for 10, 11 for 11, etc.

So, if you have Android 12, you can go to the corresponding /e/ version
@piero : keep me honest if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks Piero, I have my OEM unlocked Google Pixel 5 now with Android version 13. Where do I obtain the /e/OS “T” build, for Android 13? I only see documentation for the “S” build which I presume is for Android 12 at this link Or am I missing something again?

you will have to wait 2 month for /e/OS “T”

To downgrade to google stock android 12 :

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