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Hi everyone, glad to know there is a community for stuff like this. I don’t want to give out too much info but projects like this can really save a journalit life (at least I hope it does and the correct minds are behind it)
That being said, some current events have led certain people in high places to target some of us regarding certain stuff. Its big and its honestly the worst of humanity. Aside from traffiking and sexal predatory driven crimes at least (in my opinion) I wish when it does come out I can come on here and thank you guys for saving my life (literally) but until then I have to go incognito like Firefox has never seen before.
I should say I’m very new to this privaey thing, before it was just a VP N and an iPhone which I thought was safe. Aside from the picture scan surveillnce that appe will be doing, certain people have apple by the bal**. Wonder why all of sudden apple is now offering free 50gb of icloud storage when before it was just 5? If only I can say. sigh, peace and trust are gone
They are playing by the rules which I’m afraid are no longer fair to all parties except 1 (or 3 if you know what I mean).
There is a lot I wish to say and hopefully I can after my opsec is pristine but I genuinely need help on my setup. I’m not trying to compare my situation to Edard Snowdn but I basically need securty to that extent. Any thoughts and support is much appreciated.

Current setup:
Lineage OS with loction off. I’m lucky enough to be able to get international prepid sim cards which I then use to connect to the internet. To my surprise the V PN hotspot works even though I wasn’t successful rooting my device (thank god I wasn’t because I read something on reddit by the creator I think of lineage and he said rooted isn’t safe).
I select the route all traffic to V P N and block connection without VP N on my V P N settings. I try not to make calls but signaaljs my go to unless i have to send a sms or make a phone call. Data use is huge (and expensive) considering I’m using tethering as my only way to connect my laptop to the internet. If VP n protocol makes a big difference please let me know because I think we use TCP because that was the only one that allowed multiple VP n connections like from phone tether to laptop and laptop enable a separate vp n per VM.
My laptop is running this operating system Cubes which I hope actually works for me. If it really treats each VM as a speerate device that’s pretty cool IMO.
So my phone gets connected to My laptop via USB and I use the V p N tether through USB option (WiFi card is physically removed from my laptop).
Were still trying to get used to the whole app issue, coming from aple with all those apps to fdroid isn’t too amusing. We would first use gogle docs to work on projects together then a few years back switched to aple. Aple wasn’t completely screwed then until about a year ago so we started using another cloud based drive/notes app which we loved because it would update the notes in real time like google docs did. And it wasnt a .com so we felt safer it was .io. Unfortunately that program isn’t in fdroid and I’m not installing GPL a y. So any app that’s gdrive features will be much apprciated. We have a secure server but have no idea how to use it, I think we have to ssh into so if installing our own is recommended then I will do tbat.

That’s as far as my setup goes, but I know I revealed too much info so anyone that had good opsec info that could protect Me, feel free to drop me a message. Sorry for grammar mistakes its a must.

Also, if this seems like too much work, I have put some money aside for this, its not much but if someone can offer pristine opsec for a low budget feel free to reach out.

Thank you All and God Bless

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Hello @hiitsyou and welcome to our little corner of the interwebs. Looks to me like you are doing an excellent job minimizing your exposure to big-tech, so congratulations on that! You might consider just giving a second look at your VPN provider’s data logging- many retain significant logs of user data and some retain little to none.

Also, we can’t let the idea of the perfect be the enemy of the good when it comes to online security/privacy- it is a moving target always and even though we can protect certain things from corporate-level actors, in my opinion it’s magical thinking to believe we can protect ourselves “completely” or from government-level actors, so always be aware of what you are doing in the online space.

As you said, trust is “gone”- but this trust was always only one-way, us to them. If users were “trusted” there would be no need for their surveillance activities! :slight_smile:

All that we can do is to continue to bring these issues to light so that more people understand the gravity of the situation and look at ways to legally and effectively disempower state/government-level actors which support surveillance activity and empower those projects like /e/ and others in the FOSS movement which generally seeks to respect the autonomy of the individual.

Best of luck to you!

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