Concerns regarding using /e/ for the note 9 (crownlte)

Hi, I’ve been wanting to try /e/ for the longest while and I finally have the money to go for it. I’ve narrowed down my options for the features that I’m looking for to the galaxy 9 or the note 9. I have a few concerns about trying /e/ on the note 9 in particular:

  1. On the smartphone selector page, the rom is listed as a “beta” Q. Does this mean the rom for this particular device is in beta? What kind of issues might I be running into if that is the case? Also, is the risk of bricking (or similar) more likely?
  2. Does all of the hardware work as intended under /e/? More specifically, does the pen work more or less as well as on stock software?
    I didn’t find any major bugs listed on the gitlab, so I assume for all intents and purposes the answer to 2 is “probably”, but I figured I’d ask. Thanks in advance.

No particular risk to brick