Configuring widgets

I tried to configure the widget list of the Bliss Launcher, especially to achieve something like the legendary Blackberry 10 message hub - a vertical list of all incoming messages (calendar events, two email accounts, SMS and more). There are some interesting widgets for that, not always looking good but in addition doing the job.

What I ask my brain is: is there any possibility to remove the Weather widget? I do not need the weather all the time, I can look out of the window, but this fat widget alone consumes permanently one half of my screen.

The same with the list of suggested apps. I never used this for anything.

The third thing is the big time display of the cLock widget. Why must I have the time always in such big digits? I have the time on top in the status bar, that’s all I need. This big time display is completely waste of space.

I summarize: the entire (!) display of this screen is filled with useless stuff I don’t want and I didn’t configure to be there. All interesting informations I configured are always below that. I must always scroll down and up, again and again.

Any solutions or better ideas?

BTW: why is the Edit button under the Home button? How should this Edit button safely be pressed?

Best solution: use a better launcher like TotalLauncher. Than you can place your widgets wherever you want :smiley:

Bliss, a nice young launcher, was not providing me what I needed either. Methinks you cannot tweak (incl. removing of the weather widget) as envisioned. I recommend

OpenLauncher (Launch applications and manage homescreen) -

Made for the moment an acceptable result with Mi Launcher (and two additional widgets) now. Thanks for the answers.

Change the Launcher!
Most people have same problems like you! Me too.
I use ZIM Launcher and feel happy with it.