'Conflicting package' problems with some app updates

I switched to / e / on my Fairphone 3 a little over a month ago now, and am a big fan! There’s just one issue I haven’t been able to resolve…

Most of my apps update just fine, but a couple of apps installed via Aurora Store (Riseup VPN and Lawnchair 2) won’t seem to update successfully. After downloading the updates, when I try to install I just get a message: “Conflicting package exists” and nothing further happens.

Similarly, a couple of apps installed via Apps (Google Camera and Simple Alarm Clock) won’t update. In this case, after downloading the message “Installing” just flashes endlessly in Apps next to the name of the app in question, but the installation never completes.

Is the cause for these issues known? And is there a good workaround?

Fyi, I have been installing apps via F-Droid where possible (all updates working fine there), Aurora Store where not, and Apps only as a last resort.

Any help much appreciated!

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