Conflicts in the /e/ cloud

/e/llo there !

I try to access a document on the /e/ cloud, but it says that “The community document server only supports up to 20 concurrent sessions”.
Actually, I am the only one accessing my cloud, but it looks like every time I open the document, it counts as another user.

This very document is very important for my work, so I would be glad if you had a solution :yum:


Weird. Pl can you try to access the document from the web url on a PC. Have you shared the document with any other user. Do check an let us know.
Just a F.Y.I there is a maintenance downtime on the ecloud starting from Thursday 20 Aug .
If you could check and let me know today I can ask one of the team members to have a look at what is the issue on your ecloud.

I accessed the document only by the web url, and shared it with no one.

The history access of my document shows that every time I access it, it counts like “remote user”.

Pl can you send a mail to and we will have a team member with access to the ecloud debug this with your inputs.