Confused about Trackers, Privacy Score, apps

I’m confused. The App Lounge shows all the Trackers in apps, but eOS also blocks trackers…so does that mean I can ignore the information about Trackers in the App Lounge and just keep the “block trackers” option turned on in eOS? Does that mean I can I use Instagram without giving the Zucker my data?

Also How/why is an app like Google GBoard have a 9/10 Privacy rating? Does that mean I can use it and go back to using the “voice-to-text” feature in private instead of typing out all my messages? If I do that does it mean I’m not “de-googleing” my life entire? Do Google still read everything I type when I use Gboard? Can Google change GBoard at any time so that the privacy score changes?

App Lounge basis is Exodus privacy, some people say it is a not accurate enough overview.

Yes Advanced Privacy blocks identified trackers but what I understood some google trackers for example for notifications aren’t filtered, else e/OS/ would not work as expected.

If you don’t relly on a VPN or don’t use the ‘hide my ip’ from Advanced privacy you could install TrackerControl from F-Droid or github and block more trackers. To such a degree that apps don’t work unless you open some connections.

Google and Meta apps have the data slurping baked in rather than using third party trackers. So I would not trust any of them. They have to connect to their company servers in order to function and will be pulling lots of data used for building user profiles in addition to what is needed for the users’ purpose. App terms and conditions should say exactly what they take but they might obfuscate so there could be more than you think. Ultimately it’s a case of deciding if you can live with the probability that they know almost everything or not. Other apps with “good” scores may be just as bad unless they are open source but those two companies are generally thought to be the most egregious offenders due to their reach and popularity.


What some of us want is to avoid monopoly and regain the right to privacy.
I believe that we must punish applications with trackers: let us avoid them as much as possible.
For example, if you want voice to text you can use the default /e/OS keyboard and then install futo or sayboard. Both work reasonably well!
If we continue to choose G and do not finance or support free alternatives, not only will they not improve but they will disappear and we will lose the freedom we now have to choose.

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Thanks for the tip on FUTU! I’ve been test-driving /e/OS full-time for a month and that has been my most missed feature! I guess I didn’t look hard enough when I was setting it up. I have been using Typewise as an alternative and I’m going to dump it for the built-in keyboard plus FUTU! I’ll give that dev some money too!

I’m presenting at work on eOS to about 50-100 people next month and I want to sound informed. Thanks for the feedback gang!

Got any other suggestions for replacements for top apps?

  • Youtube - Been using “NewPipe” which is awesome!
  • Google Maps - Navit and Magic Earth are ok, but outdated and not as intuitive.
  • Podcast app - Been using AntennaPod which I really like, but do wish there were more options to filter search results.
  • Music - Built in Music app is glychy, been using VLC.
  • Photos sync - Murena’s photo sync is notoriiously buggy, haven’t looked into alternatives yet.