Connect blutooth

/e/ can’t find my bluetooth headset, wich makes me sad.
How do I solve it, when it does not just show up?
Fairphone 4
Al3+ freedom headphones

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Now, like the 100th time I tried to connect the name of the unit appears but it won’t connect.

Then, at the 150th try it just suddenly worked

Did you once tap on that name? You must do this, the devices are not paired automatically, otherwise would every device pair with every other device.

Some Bluetooth devices need a confirmation on both sides. Device A (headphones) requests a connection, device B (mobile phone) answers and A must then confirm that in a given time, otherwise the connection will not be established. For that it can be required (I don’t know it) that you must press a button on the headphone after you selected the device on the mobile phone for connection.

It can also be required that you wear the headphones during the connection process. My own detect if I wear them or not and behave completely different. Check (while you wear them) if the headphone makes a beep sound when the mobile phone answers the connection request.

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I had some similar issues with fp4 and stock fairphone android.

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