Connect calender with android agenda app

I’ve been looking for 4 - 5 posts on how to synchronize my e calendar on my android smartphone with a third-party application and I can’t find it.
On my android, in account manager, I add the murena account but it only syncs email OR it doesn’t work: I switch to manual config and enter the IMAP config and nothing!

Thanks a lot!

Are you on an Android device running /e, do you just want to use murena on some other Android version?

Ther is DavX5 in applounge, or f-droid, which will let you add accounts for Calendars

that won´t work for calendar as IMAP-protocol is for email only, you might use CalDAV-protocol for sync of calendar

Are you talking [murena online calendar → /e/OS-phone]?
in that case the /e/OS-account manager can do the same as DAVx5: system settings → accounts manager → add account → add WebDAV → enter credentials etc.
(edit after doublecheck: outdated info corrected)
Then go: calendar → calendar settings → config available calendars

if you´re talking [murena online calendar → some other android] go for DAVx5 as already mentioned by @make-nz

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