Connecteam app?


Please would someone let me know if the Connecteam app is available for /e/OS. Is it on the App Lounge?

Also, does it work flawlessly? I want to join the /e/OS revolution but need to use Connecteam and Whatsapp for my job. I’d also be interested to know if the Lloyds banking app (UK) works.

If anyone uses these on /e/OS (or could check), I’d be grateful to know of your experience with them.

Many thanks

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Don’t risk using /e/OS for Google-dependent Apps (both of them are, question would be to what a degree) connected to your job.
Even if somebody could confirm them working right now, they could fail to work at any given point in time with an unclear time frame until fixing.

The same would apply … can break anytime for an unclear amount of time.

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Thanks for your reply, AnotherElk.

I did check and Connecteam is available in App Lounge. A feature of App Lounge is the inclusion of data / information from Exodus. Here is their report on the app.

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Hi aibd,

Many thanks for checking and for the link.