Connection Linux (Ubuntu)

Je n’arrive pas à accéder à mon Galaxy S7 Edge depuis Ubuntu. Il apparaît bien dans Nautilus comme un Samsung Android (mtp://%5Busb%3A003,016%5D/), mais je n’arrive pas à pénétrer dedans.
Pour l’instant, la seule solution a été d’installer KDE Connect.

I can’t access my Galaxy S7 Edge from Ubuntu. It does appear in Nautilus as a Samsung Android (mtp://%5Busb%3A003,016%5D/), but I can’t get into it.
For now, the only solution was to install KDE Connect.

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This HOWTO could help :

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I am using syncthing from f-droid to share files between ubuntu and fp3. The Server service can be found in the ubuntu APP store. It is not too difficult to use. Setup can be done in the Browser.

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