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I am using /e/ on an Fairphone 3 (bought directly from /e/) since two months.
Since six weeks I use Blokada to block trackers.
The first five weeks the log was nearly empty, because I use only Apps without trackers. So only some website trackers like google analytics have been blocked.

But since one week the log is full with blocked requests to

It seems not to be related to an app. In Blokada I sadly cannot see which app or part of the system makes these requests.
So I tried also Netguard, and there I see only apps and no app tried to reach

In other topics I found out that it possibly has to do with a Qualcomm GPS chip “calling home”?
Sometimes there are many many tries during one hour. And then for some hours zero. GPS on or off makes no difference.

But why does this happen since one or two weeks and not before?
And what is the reason?
And is there a way to stop this (completely, not only by blocking)?

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yes, you will get this on every rom. Izt’s from QUALCOMM. And the number will count upwards for every blocked number.

Thanks for the info.

Does anybody know what Qualcomm’s going to do with this?

Or if it would be critical if it wasn’t blocked?

I would block it and see if something is broken.

blocking makes no problem. But you have to block it global *.

Ok, thank you. I have it globally blocked and everything works without problems.