Consider adding back the stock email client from LOS 14.1

H/e/llo Community!
I understand and fully agree with the objectives outlined by the /e/ project.
I am puzzled though by the choice of the email client. The fork of K-9 Mail works fine but does not support the activesync protocol, which the stock LOS 14.1 email client does.
FOSS groupware servers like serve email contact and task through this protocol, so a completely FOSS communication solution can be achieved including mobile devices.
The protocol has been removed from Android 8 and later, I am guessing as to further corner this niche segment of the market
Any thoughts from the developers on this?


Interesting. I’d like to know more too.

Is still like to know more! I haven’t found an open source app which supports activesync for calendars and tasks. Also, how to get the LOS mail app author installing LOS?

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i’d be a proponent of including FairEmail! it’s a bit complicated for a stock app, but it’s also really easy to work with for beginners, so perhaps it is suitable! + the developer is really responsive.

Offsubject : well, I had a conversation with FairEmail dev just yesterday : true, he is responsive : I purchased the pro FairEmail app with my last Goolag android smartphone BUT I can no longer use the pro licence with /e/, I have to pay again. So disapointed I 've deleted the app.