Constant chirping sound, nil notifications present

Samsung S8 Phone begins with chirping sound at wake up of screen even before unlocking, during web browsing and during phone calls, thought that the noise may have been email notifications, however changed tone for email notifications and still making the original chirping sound; I am unable to find the same chirp sound under the list of notification alert tones…quite annoying. Other than this the software is great!
Can anyone assist??

Hi @milky_pimms welcome to the forum. Is this issue still present?

One app reported to send random notifications is the calendar.

Please can you check that if you set a new event and a new notification in the calendar, the calendar works predictably.

While you are in the calendar try to rule out the possibly that a “missed event” does not exist in the past.

G’day @aibd
I stopped email’s from polling and that done the trick. As good as the email client is there is no where to change polling sound or turn sound off.

Cheers (M_P)

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