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I heard about this /e/ os and finally give it a try. So far it’s running as intended. Running on Samsung Note 4, based on Android 7.1.2.
Anyway, I found something and need input from forum members here.
When I log in to /e/ cloud account, there are constant connection to server. There were no extra applications installed accept AdGuard for network monitoring.
In 7 hours on idle timing (just leave the phone alone), It had made about 260 connection with 260KB uploaded data and 1.45MB downloaded.
Disconnected from account, no connection made.
So, I like to know what actually these connections are for and type of data gathered?

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This is probably the test if the internet connection is still working. Many phones do a request to a given server every few minutes.

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Would say the same like @irrlicht and if you @anakmersing use the /e/ services, i guess it will also sync/check data like appointments, new mails, changes in the and such.

I do not use the /e/ services, but also have constant traffic, because of mail checking, syncthing checks for changes and such…this is normal. Maybe it is possible to schedule the checks.

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That will be your phone synchronising with your /e/cloud account. Checking for emails, uploaded/downloaded files, contacts, and tasks.

If you do not want to use your /e/ cloud account, just delete the account in Settings>Accounts
Also in that location you can enable/disable individual items to be synchronised.


BTW: Checking emails by cyclic polling may also cause a lot of senseless network traffic which depends in many cases also on the amount of messages in the requested folders on the mail server. People who never cleanup their inboxes do request always the same messages, on and on and on. - Using IMAP (and especially the IMAP IDLE feature) instead of cyclic polling can reduce unwanted network traffic from some MB per day to some ten kB. Using IMAP IDLE a mail client sends only a very short keep alive message to the server every 15 minutes or so.


Thank you for all the replies.
My concern here is, from privacy point of view, a lot of people do comment that their os (Android, iOS,Windows) do ping or connect to certain servers and they want to avoid it with all cost.
/e/ OS promise to avoid all this type of connection as my understanding, like using Mozilla servers and others.
I am not very technical man, but I still do not get it why there is a constant connection to
And what make /e/ OS different from the statement here:
Please don’t mistaken me. I love the very existence of de-Googled OS and will support in any way I might and at the same time do need some clear information as well.

Because a TCP connection doesn’t know if it’s still good or not the device must check the connection from time to time. This is normally done with a HTTP request to a known server which then answers something you can verify (the check must be successful in both directions). If the server doesn’t answer in a given time the connection must be assumed as broken.

This means you need a concrete known partner server (or a list of servers) on the other side which are then part of the eco system of your OS.

I would also welcome a decentralized approach. This would require a setting where the user can configure any server he knows for this task. At the moment a device requests an ecloud server. Be glad it’s not a Google server.

1 Like is the server. It stores your contacts, calendar, emails and everything you chose to sync or not. Unlike google, the data collected by /e/ through are not being sold to a third party.

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Would be really nice if we could alter this e-server with a personal IP address or FQDN…