Constant disconnecting from wifi on Samsung S7

Hello again,
My Samsung S7 phone keeps disconnecting from my home wifi. I installed /e/ yesterday so should be latest version. Wifi is working fine on all other devices.
Any ideas?

I think you have installed e-1.17-q
have a try with the latest e-1.18-t

  1. Download
  2. Reboot to recovery
  3. Apply update (or install)
  4. Format /data (or factory-reset)

Yes I installed the latest official version. Is there any risk in using an unofficial one?
Also, this is going to be a stupid question, but do I have to go through the whole installation drill again, or just download on my phone and restart? I’m sorry I’m a total non-geek…
Thanks for your help, merci! J’essayerai demain, quand j’aurai plus de temps. Bonne soirée

Try this

  1. Enable Developer options – Settings > About phone > Scroll down to Build Number. Tap 7 - 10 times rapidly on Build number in order to Enable Developer options.

  2. Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Mobile data always active … Switch OFF

  3. Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-FI.

Your router may appreciate a Reset as I believe two devices will have changed their OS and thus their identity in the past days.

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Thanks Iain. No joy. Worked for 20 minutes or so but now disconnecting again. Any other ideas before I try the unofficial update? This is obviously a major issue for me.

I m trying connecting to wifi from modem rather than router. Ill keep you posted.

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Well I’ve had 24h stable on modem. When that disconnected I went back to router and so far so good. I really hope this stays stable bc I’m enjoying my /e/ experience!

What brand/model is you router?
I had and still have issues, with S5 & S7 (have +5 of each device) when connecting to AVM-FritzBox routers…

Asus. Still ok today. But weirdly spotify issues come and go ie sometimes I cant download podcasts and sometimes I can. Utterly bewildering.

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