Contact Import Issues Fairphone 4 /e/OS

i was switching to /e/OS today.
First i made an account on

Then i exported my google Contacts and tried to re-import them.
I think this feature is broken, because no matter which csv file format i used - the cloud would not import it.

Then i used the migration tool, where i have to login to my google account to import contacts calendars and so on. This tool is slightly less broken.

I’ve got 936 contacts, at the fist push of the button it would import around 300 and then time out, with every new push of the button i would get ~100 more contacts before it would time out. Now i have 927 of my 936 contacts - i don’t know why it cannot import all of them, but that is better than nothing, still i had the feeling i want to mention, that MAYBE the timeout duration should be fixed if that were possible.