Contact management and cloud synchronisation

I’m on it since hours but can’t find a way, that’s so much frustrating not to be able to do something so simple. Let me explain.

First, the context : my phone (the one with e/os/) is actually dying because of a battery inflation that broke the cover (no, really), new part are on there way, I think I’ll be able to repair it.
But in the mean time, I brought back to my previous phone, a google phone, alive.

And so … I just see on my broken phone (I can use it to make some operation if I’m gentle) that I have contacts on my murena account, synchronized on the cloud, all of this, fine, but I have contacts on my phone memory too.
So the contact in my phone memory are not synchronized.

And so … I want to transfer my contact in the phone memory (93 contacts) in my murena account (824 contacts), so this way I should have 917 contacts on murena account.

But, I can’t, I just can’t.
On the Contact app, either I’m selecting murena account contacts to display, or the phone contacts. But, it’s not possible to select all of a list, and transfer it. It’s even not simply possible to select all contact at all. There no option “select all”.

I tried with export file, but murena just vreate twice contact and - that’s a surprise - you’re not able to select all contact on the could neither. So manage contact are a nightmare.

Well, it’s a nightmare for me, because I think - I really, really hope - that I miss something.
Please, help me, I’m going mad.


that’s a valid approach when I checked. Either

  1. export all, edit the .vcf file in an editor where you’ll see when the addressbook is rolling over in the file to the internal one. Delete the upper part. Worst case convert vcf 2.1 format to v3 or v4 (online) and reimport. Or approach

  2. without file editing, select the device addressbook, long-press an entry, select the checkbox to the right and subsequently every other 92 times. Share to yourself by Email or what you prefer. Again probably convert to higher .vcf version depending on where you import, on or on the other Android device local.

Hello tcecyk

thanks for giving me new approachs.
For the solution 1, well, I don’t know what to looking for, there are 11702 lines in the file … :slight_smile:
For the solution 2, well, I could do this, but you may as well say that e.os is broke.
And maybe it is, after all.

I really need all (well, almost all) functionalities of my phone, and I need software solution for this kind of sh*t, I spend my life to resolve experimental electronic and computer problems in my work, I just refuse to do this all my life !
I don’t understand why functionalities like this are not implemented yet.

But, that’s not your fault, I’m just think with my keyboard (^^) and again, I thank you for your answer !


the Name of your uppermost entry in the internal address book. The delimiter is


it’s not that difficult, come on, let’s go

I went down the cellar and check if there ever was an attempt to add a “select all” button for contact items. And there was! 2018 from Qualcomm on behalf of the Linux Foundation (of all).

It wasn’t merged because of the Copyright header adage. What were they thinking, this would’ve been easily prevented, licensing+copyright 101.

I’ll try to resurface this

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