Uninstall e.os and come back to default android of the phone model


It’s sad but e.os, after more than a year of use, hasn’t convinced me. Too many aspects of the OS are still inoperative or obsolete, and I simply can’t be a free beta tester all my life : my phone is a tool.

So I’m going back to the native Android on my Samsung S9.

I searched for a procedure, but couldn’t find it.
Is there anything on the site about leaving e.os ?


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From https://doc.e.foundation/devices/starlte → Roll back to stock ROM, https://doc.e.foundation/pages/revert_samsung_to_stock_on_windows. I suggest allowing time for an overnight download of some ROMs, sometimes.

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Not free.

e.Foundation/Murena developers have put a ton of time, effort, and expense into building /e/OS. :wink:

(Ninja’ed by @aibd. :smiley: )

you may want to flash Stock Vendor Firmware to your device

Thanks a lot aibd, I’m on it, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Rom downloaded, odin and samsung usb driver installed, waiting tomorrow to really start (that’s late in my place).

Taurus, I am the free beta tester, no matter how much e.os invests.
But for google, I’m a product. Not sure that’s preferable, but google android works far better in my use, that’s just the way it is.

Nevertheless, I encourage them.
Thanks guys for your help.

Hi Piero,
I’m not sure that I correctly understood but, did your tuto talk about recover default OS if you have install TWRP or a recovery tool ?
Because I haven’t ^^.


Sad to read that, but can you vive us some exemples ?

Thanks :ok_hand:

Yes, even if it is a small chapter of the guide

If you run /e/OS on a Samsung device, You must have TWRP or another recovery manager installed , it is a prerequite.

Hello 18yt8zhg,

well, I won’t make an exhaustive list, but for example, the initial app suite, like Note, Contact. Pretty basics isn’t it ?
Well, in Note there is an syntax interpretation but due to the archaic version of Nextcloud Note that e.os uses (3.7 instead of the last 27.0 version (!)) there are tons of problem (I even made a topic where I contacted the nextcloud developer which said that can’t works).

Another really annoying thing, the Contact app. That a critical app because a smartphone still a phone, and you need your contact book perfectly functional.
I’ll tell you my recent story : my phone battery broke so I had to switch to my old phone (a huawei on google). My e.os phone could barely start so I was able to retrieve my contact book, synchronise it and transfer it on my huawei.
You could see my topic about it for details but, in brief : Contact doesn’t have “select all” option, and so you can’t change recorded option (on phone / on cloud), and so you can’t synchro your contact, it can’t merging contact, it can’t detect duplicate.
And even on the Murena Cloud, exactly the same. In one word, you can’t manage contact with e.os. That’s a huge problem for me.

Of course, there are tons of app that make the job (for note and contact especially) but in that case why should I use e.os and their cloud ?

Another inconvenient, is the magic earth app. That’s surprising good for a google maps like GPS app, really, but it can’t challenge maps. I tried OSM too, a very good map app too, but same

What’s more, my concern with e.os is that, because of the manufacturers’ programmed obsolescence (phones are replaced on average every 1-2 years by customers), they can’t be expected to finalize a working OS because it will be obsolete, they simply can’t keep up with the insane rhythm of the production market, which GAFAM are imposing. If they ever succeed, I’ll be back, but for the time being, as I said, I can’t be a beta tester on this one; I’ve got other, more concrete battles I’m already fighting in my life :-).

Well, that is longer than expected, sorry !

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Ah damn it, I’m curse.
Well, I repaired the e.os phone battery but now my phone is no longer detected by computer …
Any of them. It’s charging, but there is no detection.

Maybe the battery burst broke something else when it broke…
I’m tired of phone problems… I miss my nokia 3410.

So do i !

As an option (5€), my mobile network carrier (sosh by orange in france) can provide a second SIMcard attached to the same call number (another for SMS) and so i could use an old-scool phone ! (even if in reallity i use 2 smartphones, 1 i can let to the childs for newpipe)

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I didn’t know that possible to have 2 SIM active ! That could be interesting for some case in my work, I have to see that.

And by the way, I solved the detection problem : I didn’t reconnected properly the connector between USB charging board and mother board : that’s work better now, I’m launching the default OS reinstall !

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No no very good. It’s good to know why people using or don’t want using anymore this OS.

All the app you’re mentionned, i don’t use it, prefer thoses from Simple Mobile and for maps using Organic Maps :wink:

But i understand your choice :slight_smile:

I really don’t think the beta tester thing is entirely fair. I’ve read your objections and they seem, mostly, to suggest that you have tinkered and broken things. I have used the stock contacts app with a home-hosted Nextcloud installation and, now, with Murenacloud, and it has worked flawlessly. I use categories, colour-tags and photo icons, because I have two jobs and, thus, a very large contacts archive. I have never had any problems.

With the maps apps, you just have to get used to a slightly different way of working. OSMAndroid works for me, with OpenTracks installed alongside, for both mountain biking and on road commuting. The only limitation is connection, which is unreliable on 4g where I live and non-existent on 5g. However, when I travel on the mainland, where there’s 5g connection, they are perfect. I don’t know what Google maps is like now, because I haven’t tried to use it for many years, but my wife didn’t bother to even open it on her Google phone, which she only replaced last year.

And any technology demands attention. Google are constantly changing their ‘features’ and making ‘improvements’, largely to game their users: constant change is a part of the mechanism of ‘engagement’ that they use to keep their users dependent and off-balance, so that they won’t make rational choices about the technology they use. My wife has to spend at least a few minutes every week working out what’s changed on her work phone, in the same way that ‘updates’ on her work Windows computer intrude into what is now called her ‘workflow’. This is not an unfortunate side-effect of development: it is a conscious policy to tie you in, psychologically. Read Zuboff.

I have been a linux user for sixteen years and a LineageOS user for about five years and I can confidently say that /e/OS is one of the least demanding and most accessible open-source projects I have engaged with.


was looking forward to exit-feedback in this thread, and you delivered :slight_smile:

I think it’s fine to say one can’t be bothered, there’s so much else to do. While there always is a workaround, it needs time. Btw I followed up on your contacts issue, there’s funny+sad history to it

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Hi Danceswithcats,

here you just give me your opinion and your personal experience, duly noted. You tell that you think I broke thing ; that’s surprising, this is a very quick expertise :slight_smile: ! But that’s ok, I’m not here to convince people at all, I was just answering the question of 18yt8zhg.

However some facts, remains facts, Note app is deprecated since so much time, Contacts still doesn’t have very, very basics functions, and Magic Earth haven’t the level of detail of Maps on almost all my uses, and that’s totally normal, because there is not the same budget neither the same objectives.

And the counterpart on google is really awful because they can study you, and make money on your personal data, we all now it (here). You barely able to limit which data they can provide from you.

You know, for my part, I’m engineer in a scientific research lab and be a linux admin on our servers since 18 years now (damn …). In my work you perpetually exploring IT, especially on measures instruments to make stuff works together, finding ways to make things compatible, and sometime that’s just exhausting.
And so I don’t want to do the same on my phone, I’m sure you can understand this.

On google android everything will never works perfectly (it still IT) but my experience of the last year in e.os led me to go back on a conventional OS.
Which, by the way, doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it later.

Thanks all for your help, my OS is restored thanks to the procedure of aibd !


absolutely agree. first some apps wouldnt work. then more and more critical apps that have no alternative. im sure the developers are fighting an uphill battle against google auth and push services. perhaps we should all go back to poilitics rather than saving privacy through tech. perhaps gilmore was wrong: the net/tech sees censorship and can not route around it.

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