Contactless payments in store with /e/ phone

Hi all,

How can I pay contactless “by card” in a store with my phone?
I am using /e/ OS stable-release on a Fairphone 3

Until 31st of July 2022, I was able to use the Rabo Wallet app for contactless payments by the Rabobank (Dutch bank), this worked perfectly. But for some reason the Rabobank has decided to stop supporting it from 1 august forward and referred everyone to Google pay.

I installed Google pay, but it does not boot on my phone. I can install it, but after opening it just shows me a “loading picture” and nothing happens.

So how can I pay with my phone?
Thanks in advance.


Google Pay very likely needs more original Google APIs present. In that thread the microG author explains what would be necessary for a banking Apps to add Cards to Google Pay.

But even with this implemented, if Google Pay itself then can work in all circumstances, without Google Play and more? I don’t know

  • Banking apps sometimes use the TapAndPay API which allows them to add your bank account to Google Pay / Android Pay. This API is not yet implemented and probably causing issues here. As I guess one needs a bank account with that bank to try out, I can try to provide test builds, but debugging that way obviously is much harder.

so an adb logcat would clarify what Class the radobank App calls to add its Card etc, that microG could delegate if Google Pay is present

because lots of ppl click that microG link with a 2020 statement - microG still widens the Pay surface with classes and definitions, mostly to keep Apps from crashing that call into these

Q: Now do Google pay can work?

A: No. This is just the beginning of laying a foundation to get things to work.

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Could Samsung Pay work? (It is not in the App Lounge).

Also, there is Paylib. My bank is compatible with Lyf Pay that is itself built on Paylib for contactless payments. I tried it and it says that I am not eligible to contactless payments because my phone is either too old, or not certified by EMVCo, or rooted. Is it likely to be caused by the missing TapAndPay API too, and does anyone has info about this need to get certified by EMVCo?