Contacts backup

In Contacts I would like to backup everything from time to time but I can only see a way of backing up each Group separately.
Since I have lots of groups this is a daunting prospect!
Is there a way of backing up all contacts in one go?

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If I go to contacts app, settings → export → export to VCF, I can export all of my contacts into one VCF file. I’m not asked to select a group or so.

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I think you are referring to a mobile phone whereas I use a browser in Windows for everything except making calls or sending texts. I didn’t make this clear - forgive me!

However, I now see that there is a blue button on which is written ‘Contacts Settings’ and on clicking the three dots alongside Contacts I see a download option.

So that’s good, many thanks, but I don’t know why this is hidden in ‘Settings’!

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