Contacts cannot be imported

So I am using murena contacts to save my adress book there, but whenever I import the vcf data it recognises an error and it is not possible.

Whats the solution?

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this is my problem too.
I try to import my .vcf, but during importation I receive an error that stop the process. I do that with “simple contact app” (because I’ve disabled the official contact app: How can I restart it)

Thank you


We are not clairvoyant. What is the exact error message? Or post a screenshot, please.

One thing comes to mind… if you open the VCF file in a text editor, and it has “VERSION:4.0” near the beginning, Android can’t it import it without a conversion, see

fyi, vcf 4.0 support is coming up in the next /e/ version Contacts: add support for VCF v4 import (!75) · Merge requests · e / os / android_packages_apps_Contacts · GitLab


Hello !

I use a /e/OS phone since 2 years and I feel happy with ! (This is a Samsung Galaxy S7).

I never used /e/OS account or murena account on this device before.

But recently I feel interested to sync my calendar and my contacts on a cloud to prevent some data loss.

So I finally created an account on et I tried to use it on my phone. Sadly it seem it’s not working. From my phone, I have sync my contacts with my murena account and there is no error message but nothing appears on my murena dashboard on

Anyone having the same issue or an idea how to fix it ?

Help would be really appreciate.

Have a good day or night !

I just asked for the status of this issue that has been open for years and referenced in multiple posts Contacts: add support for VCF v4 import/export (!75) · Merge requests · e / os / android_packages_apps_Contacts · GitLab

uh, you need to read that properly - it was merged a week ago, so next /e/ release (1.6) will have it

@Pierro which domain did you try for sync accoutn setup? if it doesn’t work with, use the domain … but this thread is about VCF import… or was that too a problem?

Yes, I know. So what? Read properly? What do you mean? The merged issues have been open for years

if it’s merged, there’s not much else to do than wait for the release

Yes, the recent merge is a good sign that someone is finally taking ownership and takling the issue. What makes you say that the fix will come with V.1.6 ? are you part of the /e/ team?

if it’s merged in the branch that is per default built from, it will come automatically with the next release. No not /e/team, patient observer

@tcecyk according to the latest update in Gitlab the fix will come with 1.7-beta whatever that means

yes, I was wrong with “it will automatically get picked up by the app default branch”.

As the git ref per repository in the manifest xml is hand edited, it needs human action on the prebuiltapk_lfs repo - the Q (and R?) release branch will have this for 1.7, though the S branch has it already in 1.6

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