Contacts do not populate in snappymail

There is a bug when composing a new email in snappymail, clicking on the contacts button either from the main left column or within the email window brings up a contacts window, but no actual contacts populate this, and the search does not find any contact either. In the hamburger menu, when trying to import a VCF contacts file it fails with the error “Import error (invalid file format)”

murenacloud/desktop apps REALLY need help. The sync issue alone is bad, this is just icing on the shit sandwich. Does /e/ even care about murenacloud/desktop, or do they expect everyone to roll their own Nextcloud setup for all these broken features they charge money for every month?

Please read here:

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This did not solve the problem.

I have always been able to type a few letters of the person’s name in the To: field, and it will find the contact that way (takes a 1-2 seconds). But the feature above remains broken for me after trying to manually sync the contacts.

I don’t have an address book button as you do, however completion is working here:

Contacts configuration: