Contacts from Nextcloud

Hei Community,

i just installes e on my xperia XA2 and i have some trouble with syncing Nextcloud Contacts.
I already read this thread: (the other post with sync problems - new user cant post more than 2 links)
bit i think i have an other problem and reinstalling the Account on e, doesn’t help me.

Whats the matter:
I configured Nextcloud to sync the contacts and the calendar. The calendar works pretty good.
But the contacts, sync only some of my contacts. 531 are syncred but it should be 792.

Thanks for help

The Message is in this Picutre. I had to upload it, because for new user on this forum it is not allowed to post more than one link. If you make an right click on the picture an open it in a new window, you can read it.