Contacts: moving contacts from/to phone address-/e/ address. Save contact from Maps

Hi, I have two questions about

  • is it possible to move one or more contacts between the phone memory and the account /e/ and vice versa? (Conveniently, without export/comparison/etc…) I couldn’t do it.
  • if from Maps I decide to save a position in the address book, it makes me save it only in the phone book, not in the /e/ account even if predefined phonebook is /e/.

I think it’s convenient to decide which address book to display (one or more or all) and to be able to move contacts from one to another. eventually changing with another app.


You can use simple contacts for moving from phone memory to cloud address book

thank you, i’ll prove it

Hello !

Is “simple contacts” a specific app or the Contacts app installed by default on 0.7 ?

On my part, I have created a contact on the phone before synchronizing my /e/ account.
Now, when I edit it, it said it is saved on “PHONE” account, and all my others contacts are saved in “Contacts ( WQ)” account. I don’t see how to move it, it does nothing when I click on this parameter.

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I’m having the same issue, I saved some contacts to phone in a hurry and now can’t figure out how to move them. If I try and edit the contact, that field doesn’t become active and I see no option in the menu or elsewhere.

Anyone have any insights?

I’m facing this issue, too.

Has the statement “there is no way to do this directly on the phone” on something to do with this issue?

Ciao – P