Contacts phone number format

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My setup is as follows:

Contacts are stored in my own Nextcloud instance.
The Contacts app syncs with the above.
All phone calls are via Linphone which syncs its contacts with the Contacts app.

My problem is:

Although the phone numbers are formatted correctly in Nextcloud, the Contacts app is adding spaces or sometimes hyphens. This is merely annoying if using the Dialer app but it breaks Linphone. Linphone requires the correct format as it forms the left side (before the @) of a SIP address.

Is there a way to stop the Contacts app messing with the number format? If not, is there a good alternative contacts app which will sync with Nextcloud & Linphone without changing the phone number format?


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linphone uses ‘core.interpretUrl()’ to sanitize the input. It seems to fail you. You could show your contact phone numbers (altered/randomized) to the bugtracker or a full log of an attempt at calling the then malformed number.

Here’s something similar to your case but eventually addressed.

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