Contribute a device to Easy-Installer that has no stable build

I clicked around in the easyinstaller repo how I’d add a device, seems doable.

The biggest roadblock I see is the convention (not a bad one) to offer it to stable devices only. The devices I could contribute have dev-images only and are unlikely to “graduate”.

A “dev” option/dropdown as mentioned in the faq at time of install would help, though stable builds get the -user- build tag (no adb debug or adb root) and thus have an easier time passing Safetynet.

What’s the position of easyinstaller contributors: is a patch to allow for both, dev and stable builds, and then to add more devices that have dev-builds the proper course - or ask for stable builds for specific devices? the latter will cause alot of duplicated buildtime and storage effort though

I guess the convention did arise from stable builds having a fixed symlink to the latest build in the download directory - I guess the script generating the links could do this to dev builds too.

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During the process, Could it be possible to specify a precise build file to download or to provide locally a build file precedently downloaded

Note : i am aware this way, it should become a “non /e/specific” tool

I know that the installer for Ubuntu Touch at some point was extended to allow people to manually specify config files for phones that haven’t been integrated into the installer officially yet.

Maybe a similar approach would be possible for the easy installer as well?

From my understanding it would mean some more changes in addition to “just” allow to take the config yamls from a user-defined location:

  • the device model as reported by adb is internally mapped to a code used for displaying device-specific text/images which is done in some Java source file
  • the whole “show instructions/images for a specific device” either needs to be supported as well or the installer would have to fall back to generic texts/images
  • almost all adb/fastboot commands are in shell scripts that get called from Java; if a new device can’t reuse the existing shell scripts there would need to be a way to provide additional flash scripts as well

That sounds a bit much to me.

Maybe an alternative would be to add support for a “non-stable” device by implementing it like it was a stable build. The difference would then be that the bundled yml would point to images with a fixed version name (potentially rather old if the installer doesn’t get updated and rebuild) and the installer would get extended to allow specifying the download URL via command line parameter or additional config file that needs to be placed at a fixed path (like ~/.easy-installer/FP4.yml)

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