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Hey there,

so I really like to contribute monthly to e/OS/ via their Patron website. Just a short and maybe silly sounding question to that: Do I get any stickers like being a Contributor or PowerMember?

I my defense: It is not my goal to be gifted! Rather, I would like to put these stickers on my laptop or even on the car so that I can do a little advertising for this wonderful project.


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Not sure if we have that many stickers…will check with the sales team and get back if monthly contributions get stickers.

No problem, Manoj! Then I will donate monthly and once :wink:

Just another question to you (sorry)

If I contribute to you via Patron, does all the money get to you or does the service get a share of that?

Let me check on that and get back.

The update I got from the team says that Patreon does get a percentage of the money that comes in for providing us the service.

@Manoj Last question (I promise I won’t bother you again): What is the best for you? Contributing monthly or once a year where all the money goes directly to you?

Just want to make sure as much as possible reaches you.

To explain the difference between the two modes of contribution

  • Direct payment via bank transfer comes 100% to us.

Users interested in transfer using IBAN can write to and we shall share it with them directly

  • Using Patreon, there is a 5% commission which gets deducted

The user needs to decide which mode of payment suits them

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