Contribute to /e/OS

Hi Manoj,

Please also consider a crowdfunding campaign for new devices, feature etc…
Thanks to the whole eFoundation team for the great work!


Regarding voice to text, home assistant is working on multiple language support for intents this year too, might be helpful for the dev team to glance over. 2023: Home Assistant's year of Voice - Home Assistant

Chipped in my modest contribution for 2022 just two days ago. :slight_smile:

While for now, I didn’t become a Patr(e)on, I did measure my donation on a fixed per month “fee” basis (sending an annual total) and plan to do so again in a year. :crossed_fingers:


Like @urs_lesse, I will do the same in the next days. Thanks eFoundation, the team and also this community.

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I would be happy to donate through platforms like Liberapay or Opencollective. Both are more aligned with the goals and philosophy of /e/, and it probably helps to create a presence in at least one of these platforms.

Interestingly, this post got flagged as spam when I tried sharing links to the sites mentioned above… :confused:

Have added some options available to contribute with the urls in the initial post.

:slight_smile: This would be one of the most popular requests from users. Sales of merchandise is definitely in our plans. Will share details when I have more inputs.


in the past DONATIONS / Liberapay were not possible, but at some point I guess donating was enabled, as a value at the project page is shown. Can you confirm or deny if liberapay is an accepted way to donate and if so, link it in the donation pages?

I mean more a crowdfunding campaign for new devices…

I found the /e/ Foundation on both Liberapay and Opencollective :

(don’t know whether this is reliable or not)

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I saw these, but they are not mentioned anywhere in the official website or documentation. I’m obviously very reluctant to put money on something that is not confirmed by official sources. I tried bringing this up on another thread but got no response either.

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That is an interesting idea @ronnz98 but then we also need users interested in being the ROM Maintainers.

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Maybe @Manoj can confirm that these donation channels are legit or not??


These donation channels are legit. Have requested the web developers to add all the available options on a single page to avoid confusion.


Big thanks for everybody contributing his/her time and competence for /e/!
Donating money is so easy in comparison (just did it)…
I am using it in my family broadly now and its working mostly easy.
And with my remainig questions I often find or get answers here in the forums.
I’d love to have the wireless screen share feature solved and also the camera quality issues. I know its a long time until Christmas again… :wink:

If there is another way for me as an amateur to contribute to /e( other than donating and promoting it let us all know!

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I have added some options in the initial post, that you can explore.

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I donated early on, I think, since I have a much worn T-shirt and stickers lost in an envelope somewhere.
Didn’t know about OpenCollective. Since I use it for other projects I guess I’ll add Murena to the mix.

did that happen already? just wondering which page you are referring to as neither the “donate” nor the “donate alternatives” -pages mention liberapay or opencollective at all (?)


Team seems to have missed that update. I have created an issue for this and marked it for the internal teams.


I didn’t know I could give directly to /e/OS with paypal.
thank you for the link. I changed from patreon to ‘direct’ monthly donation via paypal.
I might contact later for iban informations.