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Hello everybody,

@GaelDuval @Manoj , I’d like to make a donation to, to support the efforts made, and those to come.

In order to do it, I’d like to avoid the paypal only option that is on /e/ website.
I think it would be a good thing to have the choice between paypal and, for instance, Liberapay, wich I use myself, preferably.

It is also possible to donate monthly via Liberapay (wich also would be a second option to work along Patreon).

Looking forward to see what we can do about it :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi @Gregoire we do have a few alternate modes of payment as you mentioned. Will check on adding Liberapay as well.

Update: Added an issue here so that the team can add Liberapay as a payment mode.


Liberapay would help me donate monthly. And it’s a libre project. :slight_smile:


would second this, i prefer the concept of liberapay to most of the other payment systems

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I would also like to support to the by a donation and do not use Paypal.

Is it possible to make an IBAN bank transfer?

Hi @wolfbert,
Thanks for offering to donate. You can contact us at and we will send you the IBAN details.

I was just about to suggest the same. Right now, I am using Patreon to donate to the project, but I would much rather use Liberapay if that option was available.

Any progress with respect to supporting the project via Liberapay?

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I post my message here as we talk about alternative way to donate.
As you believe /e/ will be part of history soon, I do believe Duniter as well (G1)
That’s is why I strongly recommand you to take few minutes to get to know what it is (basically UCI crypto)
And be incline to open a wallet in g1.
I already gave in BTC, but can give much more in g1 :slight_smile: it’s pure love monay

Some info (even if quite heavy) in english here :

with love,

current status if you want to donate via liberapay ( is

Cannot be renewed because the account of the recipient isn’t ready to receive new payments

I went with patreon, but if I’m not mistaken if you’re european and go for yearly donation via SEPA, there’s less overhead than CC and monthly patreon, fyi.

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