Control over presence of the widgets


I have this weather widget on the widget page. It takes up a lot of space to be able to put and view a calendar widget correctly:

The Edit button doesn’t give you control over the widgets present by default.
Feature-request: have some more control over the widgets on the widget page.


Maybe related to this issue ? :wink:

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Siempre puedes cambiar de lanzador, por ejemplo TotalLauncher es mucho mas personalizable, es lo que uso.

Al final he cambiado de lanzador. He probado total launcher, es bestial pero ufff demasiado customizable para mi :wink:
Al final uso lawnchair que me parece mucho más potente que bliss.

I strongly suggest that /e/ use Lawnchair instead of Bliss.

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About Lawnchair, A store said: “NOTE: This app is no longer maintained, its repo was archived.” and from F-Droid something like " background code isn’t fully FOSS"…

You can choose an alternative launcher (I use OpenLauncher from F-Droid) but it’s not possible to freeze Bliss launcher (/e/0.7, for me) ; so, some features don’t work fine, calling Bliss even if an other launcher is set Default.

We have to wait and expect a new Bliss, more friendly.


I thought about to write this kind of proposal: More options for the widgets + out-of-the-box calendar app with a good task widget.

would be so great if you could make this happen!!!

By the way, I received my PF3+ with /e/ yesterday. It is amazing! Great project, good job to all of you!


Unfortunately I’m not part of /e/ dev team, just an average user :wink:

Please feel free to create a GitLab account and add your 2 cents on the issue !