Control Web traffic

Hi all. I would appreciate your advice. I wanted to know the community’s opinion on how you solve the problem of traffic control.

I would like to have a simple solution, in the form of one command or program.

Now I see that there is a program but the problem with this program is that if you use a VPN, you will not be able to use it, since this program uses local VPN for traffic capture.

I also found android-tcpdump Here you also need to make a traffic dump dump.pcap and then look at wireshark

What effective, simple solutions are there?

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This depends a lot on what informations you want to get. Are you interested

  • in the amount of pumped data (because you have monthly limits) or
  • in the requested servers and by which app they are how often requested,
  • or what else?

These informations are mostly not provided by the same app. Amounts of pumped data you find in Glasswire or Traffic Monitor & 5G Speedtest.

Much more detailed about apps ans servers but completely without summed up data are NetGuard and RethinkDNS (but also both on the VPN slot).

Hello . Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, I’ve seen these applications. There used to be such a convenient application

But globally, like any user, I can see the network activity of installed applications

Maybe you can connect the phone to the PC and check it using TCPdump?

Check what? That’s the question.

I would like to see information where the information is sent, protocol type, port, ip address, server to which the traffic is sent, everything that Wireshark or TCPdump does.