Could Huawei ban from Google ecosystem be a good news for /e/?

It’s official, Huawei can’t use Google services anymore. I’m wondering if this could be a good opportunity for our loved /e/ OS.
What’s your thoughts about this news?


People will have three choices :

  • stay with their non updated OS (EDIT : existing phone could have security uodates)
  • change their OS
  • (update to an android without google services if Huawei build one)

Sadly, I think (not sure) Huawei bootloader can’t be unlocked. That’s why only one Huawei phone is supported by /e/. So I’m not sure they will be able to change their OS.

After these last events maybe Huawei would more enclined to open its bootloader, who knows ? :grin:

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I strongly advice to Huawei chairman to contact /e/ to discuss :slightly_smiling_face:


It would not surprise me at all if Huawei possibly together with some other phone manufacturers develop their own OS. Depending who joins them they could quite possibly establish an alternative OS successful enough to have app writers port apps to their system.

See article below from Gaël - yes this an opportunity for /e/ to play on the mobile a similar role Linux distributions played on PC and servers a while back already.


Is not Huawei have spying hardware in the phones so that no matter what os is in the phones they can spy through the Huawei phones?
Or am I massively wrong?

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I was JUST about to post something like this. This is a GRAND opportunity for /e/ to get funding to slap their OS on Huawei phones (with way more options for the general public of course) and then it oozes to the other Chinese brands to follow suit.


Now we need negotiations with Huawei to unlock bootloader -!!

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There might not even be a need for that. If Huawei is ok with the open-source-ness of /e/, we will already have this customized the way we want it with like 3 add Huawei apps (Phone, App store, and Themes). To be on the safe side, considering Huawei’s desperate, they’ll have to comply. HA!

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That’s what I love! /e/, can you do it?

Détenteur d’un Huawei P10 (après abandon de l’iPhone),
je pensais pouvoir placer un OS assez rapidement et simplement (comme /e/ ),
ayant le code de déverrouillage (bootloader)…
J’espère toujours pouvoir le faire, surtout avec ce remaniement chez Huawei :wink:


Temptation may be big, but open-source-ness of full HUAWEI stack solution above and belove /e/ must stay or release with same open-source-ness.
Actually which licence model applies to /e/ ?

/e/ is a fork of LineageOS so I suppose it’s under the same license.

Counterposing /e/ to Google, we are talking over the entire ecosystem that compose the G-Country.

With /e/ also this shoul be 100% open-sourced. Just a phone + his OS but no-Apps will not be that interesting.

[/e/ …licence]
LineageOS is using MIT-licence, quite old and far away from *GPL; it permits usage without obbligation for source code pubblication.

Huawei is ready to publish “Ark OS” in August

Wow!! Got a link?
I’m interested!"ark%20os"&t=web

  1. Januar 2020 © Huawei wants to create a third /E/cosystem besides Android and iOS

Huawei wants to create a third ecosystem that exists alongside Android and iOS and the respective app distribution channels.

Huawei Mobile Services

In any case, Huawei’s current focus is on creating its own ecosystem, and the company is putting a lot of money into this. Three billion US dollars are to flow into the development of Huawei Mobile Services in 2020 alone, and around 4,000 developers are currently entrusted with this task. Another billion is earmarked for marketing Huawei services outside China. The Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) are the counterpart to Google Play Services, …

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